Ok folks. A bit of a heads up on the WAYS album project and our Kickstarter fund raiser. When we posted about the project a couple of weeks ago we got an outpouring of support and interest in the project. Lucky enough for us, one person that we caught the interest of was our friend Mark Needham (Fleetwood Mac, Imagine Dragons, The Killers). Can’t tell you what how much Mark has done to try to help get us where we are. We spoke to Mark after the announcement and to our surprise he has offered to engineer and help us produce the album. He knows how important this record is, and is determined to help us make “THE” record we need to make. Mark obviously brings a ton of validity into the project. This part of the project is moving from Memphis to Marks Studio in Nashville. The acoustic work will be done in Sante Fe, New Mexico as planned. We are shooting to launch the Kickstarter May 15th, our goal is 20k. This will allow us to record the album, master it, produce the physical cd/vinyl, and our first actual budget to promote the album. Everything we’ve done so far in our career has been 100% word of mouth, part of the project will allocate some money towards PR so that people can actually hear about our new album. Amazing right? This still leaves part of the budget to be covered by the band, but this will give us enough steam to compete with the labels and actually get a rock and roll album in front of some people again.
Questions for our fans. Here’s a list of SOME of the items we are including in the kickstarter campaign that will last 30 days. IS there something else you guys would like to see offered that would help raise the money?

1-Obviously signed cds, vinyl, t-shirts, posters.
2-House concerts anywhere in the continental US. YES we are actually doing this as part of it, and yes if you meet the contribution we’ll bring the rock and roll.
3-Naming a song on the album. (We are reserving one song, and yes- one lucky fan contributor will name it.)
4-Naming our record label. (ONE fan contributor will actually be the one to name our label that our first release will be on, and hopefully some other great albums to come.)
5-Framed WAYS vinyl album presentation boxes for wall art.
6-WAYS coffee table book with images from the making of the album
7-Liner note mentions of some of our contributors

What else? Before we launch this, which is really for the fans, by the fans, we’d love to hear your feedback. Nothing is off the table if you guys are willing to contribute to helping us do this without outside help. Love to hear your suggestions- Reach us by email – or on Facebook – The Cold Stares

Documentary Release set back

So our original plan was to release our new DVD “Look Over Yonder Hill” along with our new album “Resonator” on March 7th at our Release Party show at Mojo’s. Due to waiting on some releases from the locations we shot and a few other things that have sidetracked us, we are going to have to delay the DVD release a couple weeks.
We are still doing our release party/show for our new CD “Resonator” on March 7th at Mojo’s and will have it available for sale that night. The DVD will follow a few weeks later with an additional ALL AGES show for it’s release/viewing. Those that have pre-ordered the set will receive it in the mail prior to its local release,- just a couple weeks delayed. Please contact us with any questions.
“Resonator” is a big deal for us, it’s our first release in collaboration with MAN entertainment (Mark Needham) who’s also made albums with everyone from Fleetwood Mac to Pink, and started the careers of bands like Imagine Dragons and The Killers. Very proud of the work we’ve done with Mark and hopefully the hard work everyone has put into the project will show through in the quality of the work. Weird time right now in the music industry, but to have someone of Marks caliber to put his time, money, effort, and in the end stake his name on what this band will be- is extremely humbling. We all believe there is a large demographic in the states still that hungers for rock and roll with some substance, and has a disdain for the garbage that’s on the radio and a sickness for what hip-hop/dance/rap has done to the integrity of American music. We intend to fill that void, or die trying.
We hope to see you March 7th, it’s been awhile and we are ready to come out swinging. – C.T.

The Viper Room, Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, CA – November 11th at 8 PM!

November 11th we’ll be playing a special free show at The Viper room in Los Angeles on the strip. 8pm.

A few more CA dates to come soon that week. -CT

NYC – Brooklyn – LA! Look out! Here we come!

Looks like we’ll be doing some big shows in NYC and Brooklyn the week of thanksgiving. Looking forward to seeing our fans up north….Details to come….
And….looks like we’ll be in LA for some big shows the week of November 10th- details to come. Looking forward to seeing our west coast fans as well! Been a good week for TCS. -CT

The Cold Stares – King’s Video release!!!

The Cold Stares – King’s Video!

Walked all the way to Rome, with a razor and a comb. When no one did suspect I took my blade to Caesar’s neck. Then I took me a Roman girl, and I set out to rule the world. I set all my women free, came back to Tennessee.

Fire In The Sand debuts today on iTunes!

Well our first single to radio “Fire in the Sand” is debuting on iTunes today. If you purchase it please take the time to review and let us know what you think. Song is picked up by 18 stations across the country and starting to become visible charting wise thanks to our FANS, the hard work of you guys calling in and asking to hear it. THANK YOU.
Please share-

Cold Stares Radio Single “Fire in the Sand” from upcoming “Label” album getting great radio station response and support! Download now for Free!

Our First Single “Fire in the Sand” from our Upcoming Album is getting great responses from radio stations. Listen to it “HERE” or call your local radio station and request it today! Join us on our Facebook page for giveaways for requesting our songs to be on a radio station near you!