Documentary Release set back

So our original plan was to release our new DVD “Look Over Yonder Hill” along with our new album “Resonator” on March 7th at our Release Party show at Mojo’s. Due to waiting on some releases from the locations we shot and a few other things that have sidetracked us, we are going to have to delay the DVD release a couple weeks.
We are still doing our release party/show for our new CD “Resonator” on March 7th at Mojo’s and will have it available for sale that night. The DVD will follow a few weeks later with an additional ALL AGES show for it’s release/viewing. Those that have pre-ordered the set will receive it in the mail prior to its local release,- just a couple weeks delayed. Please contact us with any questions.
“Resonator” is a big deal for us, it’s our first release in collaboration with MAN entertainment (Mark Needham) who’s also made albums with everyone from Fleetwood Mac to Pink, and started the careers of bands like Imagine Dragons and The Killers. Very proud of the work we’ve done with Mark and hopefully the hard work everyone has put into the project will show through in the quality of the work. Weird time right now in the music industry, but to have someone of Marks caliber to put his time, money, effort, and in the end stake his name on what this band will be- is extremely humbling. We all believe there is a large demographic in the states still that hungers for rock and roll with some substance, and has a disdain for the garbage that’s on the radio and a sickness for what hip-hop/dance/rap has done to the integrity of American music. We intend to fill that void, or die trying.
We hope to see you March 7th, it’s been awhile and we are ready to come out swinging. – C.T.