Vents Magazine review of Mountain

Another great review in today on our new album Mountain from Vents magazine. Worth a read-
Humbled again. Hear Mountain now!
“Singer Chris Tapp preaches elements of the Christian gospel in “Under His Command,” “Child of God” and “Two Keys and a Good Book,” but his words aren’t dripping with a self-righteousness that would repel non-religious listeners. The imagery that these verses inspire isn’t rosy or divine; it’s grimacing and reflective, like a message from beyond the grave voiced by those who have once walked the road we’re on now. There’s a great deal of continuity between these songs that is reminiscent of flipping through pages of a Bible; with each passage we consume, we find another hidden lesson suggesting how we can right our past wrongs.”
Vents Magazine – Mountain

Out in Public

More and more we are getting stopped in public by folks we don’t know that recognize us and come up and just want to tell us how much they are into what we are doing.
Just wanted to thank each and every one of you that are on this page for the time you take out of your busy lives to listen to our music, come see us live, or share our music with someone else. It is very humbling, and rewarding to see how our music can affect someone else’s world. This is “our” band, meaning Brian, myself, and every one of you who has helped get the word out about The Cold Stares. Whatever talent we have, we give God the glory for that, whatever success we have- have to credit every one of you guys as well- Thank You All, and please don’t ever give up on rock and roll- CT

Colds Stares exciting news and updates!

Ok. Gonna drop a bit of news on you fine Cold Stares folks.
Original plan was to have our first Small Stone label release turned in by first of July, and to be released end of September. Due to some scheduling issues, and us having to complete some projects that some of you are now seeing on TV, we were delayed. For that reason we have decided with Small Stone to push the release back to January. Although the album is completed, with distribution, some new found opportunities and a possible European tour in the spring- it makes a lot more sense for us career wise to hold on a few months further for a Jan 2017 release. Crazy difficult to sit on it that long without you guys hearing, but seems legally it’s what we have to do as well.
The good news for our fans-
In the process of recording the Small Stone records album we also cut a group of songs where we really pushed our southern roots. A group of four songs exists that we really love and have chosen to release them together as an EP titled “The Southern” first of September. Hopefully this will tie you guys over until January’s full length label release.
“The Southern” will not be B sides or out takes, but rather a group of songs that just uniquely fit together and was separate from the direction we were going for the SS album. We have long wanted to do a release that showed our more rootsy electric side. How will it sound? I would describe it as a bit of CCR, a touch of Steve Earle, some Free maybe, but definitely Cold Stares.
Artwork and release date will post this week, and we will announce a string of tour dates to support “Dark Dark Blue” and “The Southern” throughout the late summer/fall- winter 2016.
With each release I think we continue to find ways to be more pleased with our art, and we also find ways to express better who we are through our art. “The Southern” is no exception, and once again we feel it will be our finest work to date. It means something to us both personally in who we are, and where we’ve come from. We plan to release a single and video from “The Southern” in late August.
God Bless you all, and thank you for sharing the ride. We are taking a turn south for awhile, hope you enjoy the scenery-

In Finals for BMI Bonnaroo festival contest

Very proud to announce we’ve made it into the finals for the BMI Bonnaroo festival contest in Nashville. Which means we’ll be playing multiple venues and dates in March/Nashville. First show is at ACME and everyone attending gets to vote. We’ll be updating soon with date/times and really hope you can come out and support the band. We’ve played some huge festivals in the last couple years- obviously a set at Bonnaroo would be amazing…. ~CT

Next Act, Inc., and Basket Case Partner to Bring The Cold Stares to the Historic Astra Theatre

Nashville, Tennessee, rock duo The Cold Stares will be the first group to perform on the Astra’s newly-named Jim and Pat Thyen Performance Stage. The Saturday, March 5, performance is being presented by Basket Case Brewing Company, is sponsored in part by the Mill House Restaurant, and will also serve as the launching point for Next Act’s phase 2 fundraising campaign.

Tickets for the show are $15 (which includes all fees) and can be purchased by clicking below!

Buy Tickets Here!

The Viper Room, Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, CA – November 11th at 8 PM!

November 11th we’ll be playing a special free show at The Viper room in Los Angeles on the strip. 8pm.

A few more CA dates to come soon that week. -CT

NYC – Brooklyn – LA! Look out! Here we come!

Looks like we’ll be doing some big shows in NYC and Brooklyn the week of thanksgiving. Looking forward to seeing our fans up north….Details to come….
And….looks like we’ll be in LA for some big shows the week of November 10th- details to come. Looking forward to seeing our west coast fans as well! Been a good week for TCS. -CT