The Cold Stares – King’s Video release!!!

The Cold Stares – King’s Video!

Walked all the way to Rome, with a razor and a comb. When no one did suspect I took my blade to Caesar’s neck. Then I took me a Roman girl, and I set out to rule the world. I set all my women free, came back to Tennessee.

Fire In The Sand debuts today on iTunes!

Well our first single to radio “Fire in the Sand” is debuting on iTunes today. If you purchase it please take the time to review and let us know what you think. Song is picked up by 18 stations across the country and starting to become visible charting wise thanks to our FANS, the hard work of you guys calling in and asking to hear it. THANK YOU.
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Cold Stares Radio Single “Fire in the Sand” from upcoming “Label” album getting great radio station response and support! Download now for Free!

Our First Single “Fire in the Sand” from our Upcoming Album is getting great responses from radio stations. Listen to it “HERE” or call your local radio station and request it today! Join us on our Facebook page for giveaways for requesting our songs to be on a radio station near you!

New Album – Horns and Halos – The Cold Stares – July 2014!

Horns and Halos - The Cold Stares - July 2014!

Horns and Halos – The Cold Stares – July 2014!

Horns- 1-heart of gold, 2-caught in the weather, 3-lead em on, 4-cold black water, 5-ana stays, 6-good neighbor blues, 7-the switch, 8-I want it all, 9-ball and twine, 10-see that my graves kept clean

Halos- 1-one way outta here, 2-price you pay, 3-evening shoes, 4-do the follow through, 5-killing machine, 6-rooftops, 7-strings, 8-suffer me, 9-kings*, 10-hope I’m gonna find you’re a friend of mine, 11-dyin bed