New Album – Horns and Halos – The Cold Stares – July 2014!

Horns and Halos - The Cold Stares - July 2014!

Horns and Halos – The Cold Stares – July 2014!

Horns- 1-heart of gold, 2-caught in the weather, 3-lead em on, 4-cold black water, 5-ana stays, 6-good neighbor blues, 7-the switch, 8-I want it all, 9-ball and twine, 10-see that my graves kept clean

Halos- 1-one way outta here, 2-price you pay, 3-evening shoes, 4-do the follow through, 5-killing machine, 6-rooftops, 7-strings, 8-suffer me, 9-kings*, 10-hope I’m gonna find you’re a friend of mine, 11-dyin bed

The Cold Stares free download of “Caught in the Weather – demo”

So our friend Suzanne posted a nice comment about a demo we had done awhile back writing for the new album, and that has followed with a couple radio stations requesting the song to spin and some fans asking where they can download. We are just glad someone likes it.
So much so that we’ve made it as a free download- if you click the link below. If you are a radio dj and pick it up- please let us know so we can steer our fans your way to listen. We will send some fan gift packs/t-shirts to any station spinning it that can be given away to local folks with mucho appreciation.
Encourage you to share it with anyone you like. The problem with writing your first record for a label is, you do 50 songs, and they pick 11. So we have a lot of tunes we like, that didn’t make it. But if you like it- well we want you to have it. Grassroots at it’s finest and the way rock and roll should be.
Thank you-

The Cold Stares – “Caught in the Weather” – FREE download!