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First off we want to thank all of you that tuned into our livestream last night on insta and fb. Through your donations during the concert we raised enough money to pay for the mixing/mastering of our Black Sunset EP which is absolutely amazing. I hope that when each of you listen to it you realize that played a big part in bringing to fruition.
Here’s where we need some help. Audio for streaming on FB and Insta sucks, issues with buffering etc. We apologize for that. We had technical difficulties early on last night and kinda fought them through the night. The next livestream concert we do we play on running through YOUTUBE, but… you have to have 1000 subscribers to do so and we are at 925. Please help us hit the 1000 mark by subscribing and sharing with your friends to subscribe today. Our goal is to do another livestream May 30th if we hit the 1000 mark prior. Thanks again and please follow us on YouTube so we can continue these concerts properly!


So we’ve come up with a plan. We are going to release a “pre-save” button next week for “White Girl”. When you click the link it will save “White Girl” into your streaming service so when it’s released you’ll have it in your library ready to rock. This helps us IMMENSELY by bumping the numbers and helping us get into the playlists that promote the album.
We will do this with the following releases as well.
So here’s the kicker- when you Pre-Save, it will also send you a link to a unreleased Cold Stares track that will ONLY be available to those who pre-save. Our way of saying thank you, and you’ll have something that no one else in the digital world will own.
Here’s a few of the unreleased tracks that you’ll find-
“Patient Man”- a track we cut for a movie trailer that they ended up not using. Unlike anything you’ve heard us do before.
“Honey”- a track we had previously cut for Jack Daniels that is a very old school rocker
“Whipping Post” our take on the classic by the Allman Bros, remixed and remastered
What else is coming you ask? Well everyone loves surprises and we think you will be very happy with what you find!
We only ask that you please help us get as many of your friends to presave next week too!