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First off we want to thank all of you that tuned into our livestream last night on insta and fb. Through your donations during the concert we raised enough money to pay for the mixing/mastering of our Black Sunset EP which is absolutely amazing. I hope that when each of you listen to it you realize that played a big part in bringing to fruition.
Here’s where we need some help. Audio for streaming on FB and Insta sucks, issues with buffering etc. We apologize for that. We had technical difficulties early on last night and kinda fought them through the night. The next livestream concert we do we play on running through YOUTUBE, but… you have to have 1000 subscribers to do so and we are at 925. Please help us hit the 1000 mark by subscribing and sharing with your friends to subscribe today. Our goal is to do another livestream May 30th if we hit the 1000 mark prior. Thanks again and please follow us on YouTube so we can continue these concerts properly!