Trussart guitars for 2018/19 tour and album!

Couldn’t be more excited to announce that I’ll be officially playing Trussart guitars on this upcoming tour 18/19 and next album. James makes incredibly unique guitars and I’m stoked to be a part of a list of artists they endorse including heroes of mine like Bob Dylan, Keith Richards and Charlie Sexton. I’ll still be playing Collings guitars as well but the Trussart provides a unique voicing that I was looking for on these next recordings. I’ll try to post an interesting story next week of why this post took so long after the announcement. Fairly interesting story. Please check out Trussart’s amazing guitars here- -CT

James Trussart Guitars

Thank you, Whitesburg! The Cold Stares return with Rival Sons May 2, 2018!

Thanks again to the fine folks in Whitesburg for the hospitality and our friends Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown for rocking out with us. We will return to Whitesburg May 2nd with another great rock band Rival Sons. Please join us-
Thanks to Thomas Biggs for the photos!

-The Cold Stares

The Cold Stares sign with national booking agency

Very excited to announce that The Cold Stares have signed with a national booking agency this week. What this means is outside of all the shows already posted on the website, you will also see more tour dates added soon in many new markets across the country. Our team is all very stoked and looking forward to getting The Cold Stares out in front of their fans in the states and overseas!

The Cold Stares – Tour 2018