When I found out in 2012 that I had cancer the outpouring of love and support from Cold Stares fans and family was one of the things that pulled me through treatment and kept me determined.
Wanted to update you guys and let you know I just had my four year scans and I remain clear. My 5 year goal is less than a year away.
Since the time I got sick we have recorded and released a full length album, 4 ep’s and our full length label release “Head Bent” drops in a few months, January 2017. A short film, multiple tours, and moved this project forward internationally.
In my personal life I’ve learned to not make excuses or put things off. If I could give any of you some advice, it would be to not wait until something almost takes life from you to start living. Nothing is promised. Not tonight or tomorrow. I have no regrets now, but had I died in 2012 I would have left with many. Don’t take things for granted. Every sunset, every laugh from my son, smile from my daughters, every kiss from my wife, every comment from our fans, every kind gesture from a stranger, every good server at a restaurant, every good sermon, every good ride, every opportunity to say thank you, or to help someone. Every thing. Soak it up. Savor it. Realize it is a gift from God, and it’s he that holds our very breath in his hands. It is he who allowed me to continue, and he who will always have my praise regardless of how dim the light is.
And in all those things that I encourage, do so for those that lost their battles. For my friends and family, and yours that cancer has taken. I don’t know why we are here and they have passed, but we should live, LIVE, in and for their memory.
I appreciate the years of support from you all, every comment, message, prayer and support that you’ve given. My commitment to you is to continue creating the best music we can and not waste time in doing so. God bless you, and rock and roll.

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